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One of the biggest key moments was how to portray what I believed in my video. I made that decision after the pre-production by brainstorming what I can do to show this. During production, I decided on what questions I’d ask and the b-roll I would film. And then I put all my clips together to create the video I have now.


I appreciate the feedback because now I know that in my video, the music was inappropriate for some areas. During the break up talk, it worked, but I shouldn’t have used the rest of the music for the video. However, I didn’t exactly agree with how this wasn’t showing that Justin is creating a legacy for himself. My definition of a legacy is what people remember you by, and that’s what I thought I showed in the video. I noticed that a lot of people have came a long way from their first videos. Everyone used effects well and I thought a lot of people really improved on their editing and shooting. The most helpful feedback was really telling me how my video’s music didn’t work.


I learned that I like to come up with ideas as I film. I like to spontaneously think of angles, questions, etc. It’s better to have more footage than a shortage. I also had a problem trying to show what my belief was, but I thought it worked out well doing the character study.


I can imagine showing this to my group of friends really. Maybe in those video magazines that were shown during class because they do character studies in those too. Conversations can be about what other people want to be remembered for.



This I Believe (final draft)

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Editing the video /Editing vs. Shooting

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How did it feel to edit the material considering how you want to manipulate the material to say what you want? And how is editing different vs. shooting?

Editing my video was a little difficult because I had to tie all his standout traits together without making it seem like I just lumped them into one video. While deciding which footage of Justin I would use, I took the parts that made him stand out the most, and cut the parts that didn’t stand out as much. I wanted to weave in some B-roll of him talking about his Taylor Swift possessions, and that’s what I did. But I’m afraid it felt like I just stuck it in there randomly without any thought. To be honest, I feel like my video is unorganized, and since it’s a rough draft, hopefully I can piece it together better in the end. I think I manipulated the video fairly well in terms that I wanted to say that Justin is an interesting character. In most of the video, he does something different and that’s what I wanted to portray. My belief is that people should create legacies, and Justin shows how he creates his legacy.

I tried to not manipulate the video in a way to show all his good points or have him seem like he bragged about himself (which he really didn’t.) What I did was just had him list his qualities and what he thought was unique about them. And I also have some examples of those unique qualities, such as the sending in a picture of himself in a speedo to Pepsi, so they’d make a commercial on him.
I just remembered I could have put in how he attempted the Big Fat Ugly Challenge at Fat Sandwich. But that’s okay; the video would have run too long if I put that in. And it doesn’t make him too different, besides the fact that he trained for about a month before eating nothing but celery and carrots.

Editing is different than shooting in a way that editing is the result of shooting. Editing requires footage, whereas shooting requires a plan and a video camera. While shooting, you are taking as many shots as you can so you can decide what to use later. It doesn’t matter what you’re filming, as long as you think it may be useful in the film. During editing, you have to decide on specific footage. You can’t throw in anything, but you must carefully decide on which parts of the interview or b-roll you’d like. Shooting informs editing because without shooting there is no editing. Shooting is creating the information and editing is piecing it together.





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I feel pretty good about my footage. I wish I had more B-roll but for my topic and the amount of time I had, it was difficult to get more B-roll. I learned that it’s very difficult to film spontaneous things, which is really what my character is all about. If I were to go back and do it again, I would adjust some of the camera angle. I didn’t have a tripod so setting on a table wasn’t the best way to prop the camera. It moved a lot as well.

What Do You Have


-Justin talking about his obsession with Taylor Swift.

-Justin talking about how he wants to be remembered

-All B-roll


-His music interests

-The part where he talks about how he likes heavy metal

-His POV interview

What Can You Say

1. I can solely portray Justin’s obsession with Taylor Swift by having him talking about the impact she’s had on him and all the posters, perfumes, and pictures he has of her.

2. I can show his music side and how it’s affected his life and how it makes him unique.

3. I can combine all the things that makes him memorable and use it to show how Justin creates this legacy of a carefree person for himself. I’d like to pursue this idea.


There is one more thing I’d like to film of Justin. He will be doing a spontaneous dance in his speedo while a lecture is going on during an ECON class. That is the perfect example of creating a legacy for yourself.


There were times when I wanted to change my subject because I really didn’t know how I’d portray my belief. First I thought I wanted to interview different people to see what their legacies were but I figured I might get the same answer over and over. Then I wanted to change my topic, until Roberta told me that I could try a character study. And that’s what I did. I have a friend that I find pretty memorable, and he could be a good character study.

Timeline :: What do you need to get done to put a rough draft together (be specific). After showing your rough draft to our peer group, what do you need to get done in order to put a fine draft together (be specific). After showing your fine draft to your group, what do you need to do in order to have a completed video to screen in front of thew whole class (be specific)?

(to be edited)


Final Project (draft)

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As the creator, I will be editing and filming the video. I might have my voice in but I haven’t decided whether I want any appearance in the video at all. The message I want to get across is that I’m doing a character study on one my friends who is definitely someone who’s not forgettable. I’ll best get that across by portraying the kind of person he is.


I’d like to ask him about his obsessions with Taylor Swift and Hello Kitty because that makes quite a character. I’ll also ask him about how he’s never embarrassed or ashamed, like he doesn’t have that ability within him. The questions I’ll ask are:

  1. How do you make people remember who you are when you first meet them?
  2. How has music impacted your life?
  3. Tell me about your obsession with Taylor Swift?
  4. Why do you like her? And how do you incorporate her in your life?
  5. How do you not get embarrassed in front of others?
  6. Why do you like Hello Kitty?

Shots I need:

  1. His posters of Taylor Swift (I’ll go to his room)
  2. His Taylor Swift perfume (Go to his room)
  3. His Hello Kitty shirt and items (In his room)
  4. Him interacting with others during dinner
  5. His random, yet uncomfortable remarks (hopefully spontaneously)

Anxieties and Obstacles

An obstacle I have is the short amount of time I have to film this. I’d like to have more time to film so it’s not just two days of his life. Maybe like a week of his life instead. I’m afraid people will not see him the way I see him as memorable.



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The topic of my final project will really be what life means to people and how they want to be remembered before it ends. My goal is for people to consider how they want to be remembered, because this is something that is hard to come to a conclusion. And by thinking about what they want to be remembered as, their behavior can change and so can their daily lives. I think people should decide on it now so throughout their life, they can work towards that goal. You can’t be remembered if you’ve done nothing.


I can choose one character who behaves in a certain way to create his legacy. I want them to be different than most people and have a character.


The location I would film would probably be in his room, or in the laundry. Places that show him who he is.


B-roll can be him doing such things to create a legacy for himself. For example, he likes Hello Kitty, so I would film in wearing his Hello Kitty shirt. He also likes Taylor Swift so that can be another B-roll opportunity.

Take Away

I want the audience to take away what they do to create their own legacy. I want them to think about how they interact with others and if they don’t believe they are someone special, I want them to do something about that and start behaving in a way that is memorable.


My film will be about my friend named Justin Kang who creates a character for himself to most friends. I want to show how his personality and how he interacts with others as well as a couple obsessions of his that makes him memorable. There will be an interview involved as well as him doing actions.

Plan of Action

Tuesday: Film in laundry room, interview him as well

Wednesday: Film him interacting



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